Sunday, October 6, 2013


While sleuthing around with the Trados thing day before yesterday, since the key for Studio is "LDSRClient" (which brings back no Google hits), I naturally tried to figure out what language-related thing "LDSR" might be, and found the Linked Data Semantic Repository (now renamed as "FactForge" - the "fast track to the center of the Data Web"), which appears to be a collection of various, well, linked data from the Internet, in the form of semantic chunks of some kind.

Anyway, it's interesting stuff.

It's been used to (kind of) respond to something called the Modigliani test, which is essentially, "Given the fact that there is an artist named Modigliani, tell me where all his paintings are located using public data". That's actually impossible right now, but the guys responsible for FactForge tried their hand at it using their repository, and found six of the paintings in public data - which is really impressive! - but as they say, it took a trained expert an hour to assemble the query.

So: the Semantic Web, or the Data Web - interesting stuff.

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