Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Marpa stuff

As I get further into Marpa, I'm starting to see there's a whole little world of cool stuff out there based on it. Here are a couple of bookmarks for later.

  • A fantastic article on using Marpa to convert Excel spreadsheet formulas into Perl using AST transformations.
  • Kegler's "Ruby slippers" parsing technique: essentially ways to trick a simple grammar into functioning within a larger whole by using invisible tokens and wishing the language were easier to parse. Marpa is ... well, it's beyond cool and into virgin territory.
  • Another Kegler post on mixing declarative and procedural parsing that should come in handy here and there.
  • Here's a gist showing a Marpa parser for CSS that uses a tokenizer external to Marpa - the key technique is in the loop starting on line 187, where we pass each individual token to the recognizer. Only after the token stream is complete do we read the value from the recognizer. (So for a series of sentences, do we have to create a new recognizer for each sentence? I think we actually do. That will be something for experimentation later.)

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