Monday, December 1, 2014


Just a note on progress, for later calibration of my past timelines: I've got Decl 2.0 parsing working rather nicely (still a few loose ends) and I have an excellent plan for integrating it into a notes application for literate programming. I think the combination will end up being something pretty powerful.

My first real target for transformational exegesis using this kind of tool will be Melanie Mitchell's Copycat - I want to get it converted to Clojure so it will run on something I actually own. But I'm also exploring various programming sequences and contests as a way of provoking thought about the actual writing of software.

Anyway, that's all pretty jargon-laden but it means something to me. At a later date I hope to circle back around and write about this stuff in more detail, but I'm not in that phase of the cycle at the moment.

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