Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Who the gods would destroy, they first give real-time analytics. (Ha.) Because not waiting for a reliable sample is bad, bad statistics.

That said, I do want real-time reporting on incoming links and searches, and Google Analytics is abysmal on that front, as I've mentioned in the past. Now that I've moved the static content at over onto Github ... well. I did that a year and a half ago, but now that I'm writing again and care about incoming interest, and given that I don't have my raw traffic logs any more because that's not something Github does, I need something better than Google stats.

The answer is a system I've noted in passing before: Piwik. It not only includes the JS bug to phone home, it also provides full reporting in a dashboard you configure on your own host. As soon as I get two minutes, I'm going to go ahead and convert to Piwik, and then I can actually know what people want to read about.

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