Monday, September 14, 2015


I know I said I was only going to write if I had something to say, but I just bought a new desktop machine to replace/augment my aging laptop. And since this new machine has ample capacity, I put Linux on it and I'm running Windows in a virtual machine (a real break for me - I've always run Windows on the desktop and Linux on the server, so this Wubuntu mashup is heady stuff!)

Anyway, so I'm using Firefox on the new machine, Chrome on the laptop. I like Chrome synching because I can cue things up to peruse later on my Android tablet, but synching between Chrome and Firefox? That would require third-party stuff I don't want to get into.

So now I've got two sets of queued links. I know, I know. More first-world problems. But my solution is just going to be to resume posting link posts, at least sometimes for things I find on Firefox that I also want to peruse on my tablet.

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